Hello, my name is Tasha and I create floral works in my little cottage. I am based in the quaint suburb of Glenmore Park, NSW, situated at the base of the Blue Mountains. My location allows me to service clients from both Sydney and the Blue Mountains. My florist work has been described as whimsical, romantic and wild. I believe flowers have an old-world romance that can add a timeless beauty to any event or special occasion. Not only are flowers aesthetically lovely, but they also have deep meanings specific to their kind and provide profound symbolism that can be felt by any kindred spirit. One of my greatest joys is bringing my clients visions to life and I feel it’s important to understand, that just like every flower that has ever bloomed, every client is individual and unique. Furthermore, I have always had a passion for gorgeous ornate decoration and furnishings so I have collected a range of such things that are available for hire, as well as my own styling services. Feel free to contact me for any queries you might have and I will be happy to assist you. Additionally, you are welcome to fill out the inquiry form here, for a quote to get back to you in the quickest of fashions. Farewell Petals xoxo.

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