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Mix and matching centrepieces

Updated: May 9, 2022

The big centrepiece dilemma ~ budget vs. abundance

We all know how easy it is into falling into the wedding Pinterest trap. We come across the most amazing, Bridgerton worthy florals and not realise the budget was upwards of 20k. Flowers are not cheap just as a whole sale product, let alone the hours of prep, arranging and transporting them required to get the end product that florists provide. So I believe all that is needed to have abundant blooms within a reasonable budget, is a little bit of compromise.

Mix and matching your centrepieces is a great way to have the best of both worlds. My all-time favourite being alternating low-lying or urn centrepieces with bud vase trios. This gives you a big flower pop with those larger arrangements and then allows the theme to continue down the table with similar blooms in bud vases. This also tend to give different height levels to the table scape.

Another option if you have some room in your budget, is doing urn centrepieces alternating with low-lying centrepieces to give more heights and visual interest to the table scape. This will create a stunning garden effect and give your reception that absolute wow factor.

My suggestion for couples on a very tight budget, who would like to extend their table scape as much as possible, is doing a centrepiece alternating with clusters of tea light candles in glass holders and possibly a small amount of greenery flat lay intertwined with the tea lights to tie them in with the floral arrangements.

Remember that you can also mix and match centrepieces on the bridal table if you want to add an eclectic, abundant look to your featured table.

Something to keep in mind with any table scaping, is what kind of density you are after, particularly for banquet style tables. I generally look at density as 1 x centrepiece per 4 guests, 1 x centrepiece per 6 guests or 1 x centrepiece per 8 guests. Once you have decided on how much density you want aesthetically and factored in your budget, you will get a pretty good idea of how many centrepieces you have to work with.

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