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Where to spend your wedding floral budget

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Sometimes it can be hard to hone in on your wedding floral budget when we are seeing such extravagance in floral design on Pinterest and wedding magazines now days. That epic bar arrangement you saw on Instagram may look amazing in the styled shoot but on your wedding day, probably won’t get the notoriety it deserves and you have laid out quite a big portion of your budget to have it. So here are some options to consider for keeping with in budget but still making a spectacular floral statement.

Photo by Fiona and Bobby Photography


Consider your budget, what is the absolute maximum you are able to spend and what is the ideal amount you would like to spend? Once you have these figures, let your florist know so that they can give you some options as to what will work within your budget. The you will be able to see if the difference between your ideal budget and your maximum budget is worth the extra outlay for what you are after.


When thinking about your floral styling, I would first put money in to arrangements that will be heavily photographed on the day, because those arrangement will live on in the beautiful photos that are captured. The arrangements I have known to get the most photo attention on a wedding day are the arbour/ceremony ground and the bridal table. So for an example if you are tossing up between elaborate urn centrepieces for guest tables and a flat lay bridal table garland versus scaled back guest centrepieces and a statement bridal table floral arrangement with flowing chiffon runners and candles en masse – I would go for the second option. Once you have achieved your ultimate look on the two most important styling aspects, then you can see what is left in the budget and priorities what you would like most.


Your bridal party are a very special part of your day but it is still your day to shine, to rein in a floral budget you can ask your florist if they can do a more petite and understated bouquet for your bridesmaid with less premium flower varieties in them. This will make your bouquet the show stopper and if you have a couple or more bridesmaids you will see quite a difference in price. Boutonnieres are generally a one price item, but limiting them to just the groom and groomsmen will still help the wedding budget. I have had inquiries for 24 boutonnieres because couples have wanted to give one to all their brothers and cousins, which is very sweet but it does add up quite quickly.


Discuss with your florist what kind of items can be reused throughout the day. A lot of the time couples opt for this option as it means not having to have as much produce. There will be a reset fee but it still works out cheaper than buying all new produce from scratch. There are sometimes limitations to this option, such as there not being a long enough turnaround time between ceremony and receptions or extreme heat which may cause flowers exposed to the elements to wilt before they are brought back inside. If this is a conversation you start early with your florist, their expertise will be able to assist you in getting that budget to work for you as well as giving the effect of more flowers throughout the day.

There are endless option for wedding florals and they have become, now more than ever, such a major part of wedding styling but hopefully these tips will help you to allocate your floral budget in an effective way.

Tasha xx

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