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To follow your heart or a trend?

Updated: May 9, 2022

The ancient proverb says 'follow your heart' and I believe that this goes a long way when it comes to planning a wedding. So many things in life are regimented but a wedding, YOUR wedding in fact, is something you can completely customise to show exactly who you are as a couple. There are no rules on colour scheme, traditions or format and that is why they are all so wonderfully unique and beautiful. If you have ever felt torn between a style that you love and a style you feel you ought to have, I would recommend going with the style that speaks to your heart every day of the week.

For the past few years, the trend has been neutrals, maybe with a splash of deep wine and now we are seeing a shift to vibrant colour. We also have the new 'classic' which is super long stemmed roses en masse - but what if you love wildflowers and natives, or want a really eclectic mix of cottage and tropicals. Never let the current trends make you feel outdated, because nature, and especially flowers never date and I guarantee that in the midst of a trend, wedding guests will never be so excited to see something different.

And mostly, do your research do you know what options are available to you. Trust your florist to bounce ideas with and let them create something that is wonderfully and uniquely you. If you are mermaid obsessed, see what seasonal options might be available to make a coral-esque bouquet that looks like its been plucked from the great barrier reef, or maybe you love yellow, lets find some amazing yellow gradients and make the whole day shades of your favourite colour. One thing is for sure, you can never go wrong following your heart <3

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